SBM Shanghai SBM sand making all kinds of stone sand are applicable

Shanghai SBM sand making all kinds of stone sand are applicable

Sand as a market mainstream of sand products, because of its fixed sources of material, low cost, stable performance characteristics, widely used in construction, municipal services, transportation, water conservancy and other construction projects in China is very large demand. The production of sand system of raw materials are many, granite, river pebbles, pebbles and other stones. Many manufacturers producing sand may use different stones for sand making machine, where they are more inclined to choose a good adaptability to raw materials sand making equipment. So Shanghai SBM sand making equipment for different rock adaptability?

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Shanghai SBM sand making equipment is two-chamber crushing, feeding size, up to 5 times the ordinary crushing equipment, sand making equipment, so the stone shape, stone size, size and other parameters have very good adaptability. Flint sand making equipment, large feed particle size, but also change the traditional sand need to first break the stone into the required specifications, and then the sand process, reduce handling procedures, saving energy and investment.

Shanghai SBM sand making equipment larger crushing chamber, sand making equipment through the ability to be significantly improved, so whether the high hardness of granite, river pebbles, pebbles, or granular gravel, gravel, concrete, etc., equipment The operation will not be blocked, to ensure the sand machine equipment can be stable operation.

Shanghai SBM sand making equipment has a strong wear-resistant parts, from the rotor, cutter head, guard, cone, protection blocks, etc., long life amazing. Zhengzhou peak has done experiments, Shanghai SBM sand making machine on the solid coefficient of up to 15-20 granite, limestone, quartz, and pebbles, pebbles and other sand, 300 hours of work as long as these parts are still intact.

Sand equipment is a large machinery and equipment, investment hundreds of millions or even millions, a strong adaptability to follow the company's business development, can adapt to a variety of stone sanding equipment, businesses can save more Equipment investment, improve business efficiency. Shanghai SBM sand making machine as a representative of the import sand making machine, its ultra-high-quality performance in Zhengzhou heyday of sandstone production line customers embodied most vividly