SBM SBM mechanical construction waste crushing station has been the customer's favor

With the improvement of China's comprehensive economic strength in recent years, there has been a tremendous change in Anqing City, which has the reputation of "this seal of the Yangtze River, Wujube, Jiangzhou". A new building stands up and extends in all directions. Is to usher in the "robust growth." However, the ever-increasing amount of urban construction waste has become a lingering shadow. How to deal with construction waste has also become an important issue in urban development.

In the current rate of construction waste crusher, neither open storage nor landfilling seems to be the better way to dispose of construction waste. The traditional mode of consumption not only causes serious waste of resources, but also brings about a series of problems such as environmental pollution and potential safety problems. To this end the construction waste in the country turned waste into treasure concept, the local began to take the road to recycling this solution to the current crisis out of the break.

Construction waste crusher

Through a number of domestic construction waste recycling equipment manufacturers of the examination room, SBM machinery won the national patent technology certification of construction waste crushing station has been the customer's favor. As a result, it can automatically sieve the mixed waste of plastic and wood in the construction rubbish. Secondly, it can effectively separate the reinforced concrete from the concrete with the regeneration utilization rate as high as above 95%, helping the small and medium-sized investors to create huge The economic benefits.

From the perspective of building waste recycling materials, green building materials not only can replace natural gravel aggregate used in concrete mixing station and highway construction, but also can be made by reworking a series of new wall materials , Non-burning environmentally friendly bricks, the real sense of the resources to promote the construction waste turning waste into treasure. If you want to learn more about the recycling of construction waste disposal equipment, please feel free to call the SBM mechanical customer service commissioner to communicate.