SBM Half of the construction waste treatment equipment market for the SBM mining machine

Half of the construction waste treatment equipment market for the SBM mining machine

What is construction waste? Presumably from the literal meaning, we all know the meaning of construction waste. Construction waste includes construction waste, waste brick, waste tile, waste concrete, scattered mortar and concrete, in addition to a small amount of steel, wood, glass, plastic, various packaging materials. With the accelerated pace of urbanization, transformation of the old city, demolition of villages in the city, resulting in a large amount of construction waste, not only a large amount of land, but also pollute the environment.

The traditional method of construction waste crusher is landfill. This not only occupies a large amount of land and roads, but also pollutes the soil and damages the ecological balance of the environment. SBM Mining Machinery Co., Ltd. is aware of this, after years of research and development of independent construction waste treatment equipment. After sorting, crushing and screening of construction rubbish, most of them can be reused as recycled aggregate resources. For example, recycled aggregate and recycled brick are used as building materials directly applied to engineering construction, and can replace existing natural gravel and Ordinary brick wall materials, to solve the shortage of building materials production resources and huge energy consumption has a significant meaning.

It is learned that some local governments, research institutes, institutions of higher learning and some far-sighted enterprises in our country have gradually realized the scientific disposal and comprehensive utilization of construction waste in recent years to save resources, purify the environment and beautify the cities At the same time, it realized the potential market prospect and the far-reaching significance to the local economy and social development, and carried out the research and application practice of the construction waste recycling technology one after another.

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SBM mining machine construction waste disposal equipment, divided into fixed, mobile, brick combination of production lines. Has been successfully used in Beijing, Zhengzhou, Shenzhen, Yunnan, Hangzhou and other first-tier cities, the market a great response, by the municipal attention and praise. Not only for the government and the masses to solve the siege of construction garbage, but also to protect the environment and make a contribution to the beautification of the city.