SBM Sand making machine how to control the finished product fineness and shape of the sand?

Sand processing equipment products processed sand we generally referred to as the mechanism of sand or artificial sand. Mechanism sand is the main source of sand used in projects such as mixing stations, buildings, water conservancy projects, speeding up and speeding up and iron rehabilitation. These projects require very high quality sand for mechanized sand. The quality of the finished product of sand and sand fineness modulus reach the final requirements, most of them are based on human experience or sampling by drying, screening, weighing and other methods to determine, this old method, on the one hand by labor Judging from the experience of the quality of sand making, easy for the people, the error is large, not reliable; how to improve the sand making machine equipment, and promote the quality of finished sand and granularity is the key to perfect.

Then the mechanism of sand fineness and particle size by what control? Sanding machine equipment can be adjusted according to actual needs of the fineness and shape of the material it? As a senior sand equipment manufacturer, Henan Kefan come to you in detail Introduction.

vsi sand making machine

VSI sand making machine and 5X sand making equipment are using advanced stone boulder principle, hit the finished sand good quality, the product was a cube, good grain shape, grading rationale, fineness modulus adjustable; especially suitable for artificial Sand and stone shaping, the practice proved more than other traditional equipment (third-generation sand making machine, sand blower, rod mill) sand, plastic effect increased by 30%. Finished sand in the range of 0-5mm arbitrarily adjusted to meet the ultra-fine sand, fine sand, sand, coarse sand and other different fineness and different uses of sand production and processing.

In addition, the newly designed CNC sand control equipment of our company also realizes the processing of sand with different fineness and different fineness. The numerical control sand making machine adopts the advanced large-plate hammer design. The stone-stone principle is adopted. The fineness of the finished sand is digitally controlled. The coarse sand, sand, fine sand and ultra-fine sand can be easily realized by the frequency conversion adjustment. The sand making machine yield of more than 95%, the material was circular polyhedron, is in line with the high construction projects such as mixing stations, processing hard pebbles, quartz, dolomite, granite effect is also very ideal, highly efficient hammer wear Use a long time, playing limestone, potassium feldspar, bluestone months to six months without having to replace the hammer, shipping costs low. Can also configure the precipitator, processing fineness of 80-120 mesh fine quartz sand and potassium feldspar sand. The sand making equipment than VSI sand making machine and 5X sand making equipment more favorable price, lower investment and operating costs, finished sand is also very good, is favored by the majority of customers and the market favor of the new mechanism of sand equipment.