Why is the impact block of the VSI sand making machine designed as a diamond?

VSI sand making machine and 5X sand making machine are all kinds of vertical shaft impact type sand making machine series equipment. It is a high-end mechanical sanding machine and crushing machine that is more advanced than the PCL impact sand making machine. The impact block is an important part of the VSI series sand making machine. We know that the impact block of the VSI5X sand making machine is designed as a diamond combination. So why is this designed?

The impact block of sand making machine is directly forged with imported high-quality alloy. Its wear resistance and toughness are at the leading level in China, which greatly improves the working efficiency. The service life is increased by 3-5 times than that of high manganese steel, which improves the production yield and quality.

The latest VSI5X sand making machine has adopted diamond-shaped combined impact block. The main feature of this type of impact block is to replace the traditional manganese steel and cast alloy parts with high-quality alloys from abroad, thus greatly improving the wear resistance of the impact block. The crushing ability of the sand and the sand making machine. The impact block of the diamond combination can also be used for the adjustment of the wear resistance while improving the wear resistance, which not only improves the utilization rate of the material, but also effectively protects the life of the inner peripheral shield of the sand making machine. . The overall service life of the VSI sand making machine is more than five times higher than that of the original product. The sand making efficiency is increased by more than 30%.

Design features of VSI sand making machine accessories:

The wear-resistant block of VSI sand-making machine contains multi-element alloys such as boron, tungsten, chromium, nickel and molybdenum, which has created the name “alloy wear-resistant block” super wear-resistant hammer head, which is suitable for working under various harsh abrasive wear conditions.

  • 1. On the basis of the original production of wear-resistant blocks, the addition of a large amount of precious and rare alloys beyond the conventional production can resist the severe abrasive wear!
  • 2. Optimize the matching chemical composition, use a variety of alloys to change the treatment, strengthen the matrix with precious elements such as vanadium and vanadium!
  • 3, the use of vacuum casting, directional solidification technology, the grain is greatly refined, to fundamentally eliminate casting defects!
  • 4. Compared with similar products, it has the advantages of good comprehensive performance, high reliability, strong wear resistance and low price!

Our SBM not only produces high-quality VSI sand making machines, but also provides a variety of matching high-quality accessories. VSI sand making machine accessories are commonly used as aliases: runner plates, upper and lower runner linings, upper runner plates, lower runner plates, slat plates, Guide plate, flow plate, upper and lower flow plates. VSI sand making machine accessories runner board suitable equipment: impact crusher, impact break, sand making machine, sand making machine. We provide the VSI sand making machine wear block, good wear resistance, long use time and reasonable price.