SBM Mine tailings sand making machine

Mine tailings sand making machine

  • First, mine tailings
  • 1, what is mine tailings

    Mine tailing is the product of beneficiation and sorting operations, of which the lower part of the useful target component is called tailings. With the development of infrastructure construction, sand and gravel are in short supply, most of the gravel is from the mining of mining stones, and mine mining will inevitably have tailings formation.

    2, mine tailings have no value

    In many industries, mine tailings are unused resources that need to be disposed of urgently. However, in some industries, mine tailings are a treasure trove yet to be tapped. At present, our country's main task is to develop and utilize a large number of mine tailings that have been shelved for a long time so that they can be resourced and recycled.

    Mine tailings sand making machine
  • Second, mine tailings sand making machine
  • 1, mine tailings sand machine introduction

    Mine tailings sand making machine is tailor-made for the treatment of crushing machinery, mine production mine tailings sand making machine has vsi5x, VSI and TK three series of more than 10 specifications of the equipment, after this device processing Mine tailings, the finished product significantly increased the proportion of cubic, needle-like particles to reduce the gradation more reasonable, with high production efficiency, product grain shape and low energy consumption, is the tailings treatment more widely used equipment.

    2, mine tailings sand making machine investment value

    Mine tailings contain different sizes, different hardness, different properties of the material is recyclable gold resources, through the mine tailings sand making machine reprocessing, tailings again glow new life is used in the production, to achieve The purpose of recycling is that it can be used in today's society to achieve rapid and rational tailings recycling.