SBM The new third-generation sand making power for small diesel-driven

Sand power plant equipment size affect the size of the entire production line transformer configuration, sand machine in the purchase of equipment, many customers like to choose high output and low power sand making machine equipment, so the whole set of sand production line needs to configure the transformer investment Relatively little.

In many areas, especially in mountainous area, it is expensive to construct a transformer with high power and the application approval is relatively strict. Considering the actual situation of customers, high-output and low-power sand making equipment are more favored by customers. In many areas, customers buy low-power sand making equipment to facilitate the use of diesel generators, which is more convenient and flexible. There are export sand making machine in some areas of the customer also explicitly require the use of diesel engine, then what kind of sand making equipment suitable for diesel engine electric?

vsi sand making machine

The new third-generation sand making machine, the sixth generation sand making machine, hammer sand making machine, sand making machine and other horizontal sand making machine equipment motor are suitable for diesel engine driven at the back or the side. These sand making equipment than impact sand making machine series power is much smaller, the motor position is more suitable for the use of diesel generator driven. One hour 30-50 tons of third-generation sand making machine power at 37-45kw, and the same output of PCL impact sand making machine power at 90KW, more advanced VSI sand making machine with the same production model power is at 110KW , 5X sand production with the type of power in the 110-150kw. In addition, VSI sand making machine, 5X sand making machine, PCL impact sand making equipment are dual motor start, power, and the motor position on both sides, not suitable for installation of diesel generator drive.

In addition, using the new third sand making machine, the sixth generation sand making equipment is more economical. The investment cost and operating cost of these equipments are relatively low, and the sand blasting effect is also very satisfactory. A new third-generation sand making machine with a multi-purpose, with crushing, sand, roughing equipment and other functions. Very suitable for soft or hard and extremely hard material crushing, plastic, such as iron ore, copper ore, cement, artificial sand, bluestone, fluorite, limestone, slag, etc., is the first choice for small and medium- mechanical. SBM third-generation sand making machine, the new sixth-generation sand making machine, equipment upgrade, high power output, less wearing parts, more efficient hammer wear, according to customer needs to install diesel generator, a multi-purpose machine to adapt Strong, suitable for all kinds of sandstone plant needs.