SBM What are the precautions when operating the construction waste crusher?

We SBM Heavy Industry is a new generation of crushing equipment manufacturers developed according to the latest national standards, the production of construction waste crusher is based on the market products continue to improve the structure, technological innovation, simplification operation, at present its Production technology is very mature, with high-end and advanced innovative ideas, widely used in various industries, our customers receive the utmost attention and widely used. construction waste crusher by virtue of its own strength in the market has made some achievements, is a good equipment. We SBM is a professional manufacturer, so we not only have to produce good equipment for everyone, but also to give everyone a good service, so today we take a look at the coal gangue mill operation precautions.

1, construction waste crusher hammer is wearing parts, when the hammer wear need to be replaced, we must pay attention to the rotor static balance and dynamic balance of the rotor control in a certain range, the main factor affecting the balance There are two, one is the weight of the hammer deviation, one is the installation of hammer position error, as long as the control of these two factors, we can achieve a good balance.

2, construction waste crusher hammerhead wear material that is the face of wear and tear, when the wear and tear can be transferred when the two sides continue to use. When the two sides are more serious wear and tear, the hammer can be adjusted forward, the installation location of the hammer there are two, this can be more fully utilized hammer, cost savings.

construction waste crusher

3, construction waste crusher as a result of raw material factors in the work process, the material into the material after the poor feeding (without the case of the wall) proposed gangue grinder can be removed from each of the previous hammer test.

I believe all the customers who have used our factory construction waste crusher know how our equipment is. If you have not got the equipment that suits yourselves now, let's have a look at our SBM. There must be a piece of equipment here Is for you, SBM also welcome everyone at any time.