SBM Portable crusher plant dust problems

If the correct use of Portable Crusher Plant, and properly maintained, not only greatly improve product life, but also improve the efficiency of work, so that this is a win-win situation, of course, if the device is not managed for a long time, it is easy Will produce some dust and the like, not handled in time, it is easy to affect the latter part of the use, then the dust removal, what will cause problems?

Portable Crusher Plant

1, the Portable crusher plant bag filter used in general smaller, generally less than the exhaust volume, then the material under the dough piece cover and the cavity is difficult to form a slight negative pressure, so that the work environment dust Larger, not conducive to breathing.

Portable Crusher Plant

2, the dust into the precipitator pipe, the inlet pipe bend at the system resistance increases, the elbow parts easily worn and clogged with dust. The use of screw conveyor and the grid wheel bag dust trapped trash down, increased power consumption, increased mechanical maintenance workload; often need to dismantle the grid wheel feeder, the passage of time, the feeder flange leakage, Exacerbated hopper leakage.

3, when the crushing material humidity (after rain or material water), the dust particles into the precipitator than when crushing dry material, bag filter paste bag, the feeder is easy to block, resulting in bag dust Ventilation resistance of a substantial increase in ventilation capacity decreased, serious dust.

4. In order to reduce the dust caused by air leakage in the case body, in actual production, when the material is dry, water is often poured at the entrance of the Portable crusher plant, which results in the blockage of the bag filter bag and the unloader of the bag filter. As the bag filter is intermittent cleaning, when the filter work, the grid of air leakage is also a problem that can not be ignored.

Portable Crusher Plant

Portable crusher plant With the development of technology, its dust removal technology is also constantly improving, so you do not have to worry about the effect of dust, the emergence of dust, when used, will cause some harm to the human body, so the dust must find The method.