SBM How to prolong the service life of sand making machine

With the development of a conservation-oriented economy and society, how to prolong the service life of mechanical equipment is one of the important research directions for the present mining machinery and equipment manufacturers. Sand making machine is the core industrial equipment in sand production line. How to improve the service life of sand making machine is not only the concern for sand making equipment manufacturers, but also the concern for users. Shanghai SBM how to extend the life of sand making machine analysis, the specific analysis is as follows:

Correct operation sand making machine

Sanding machine boot, the user can press the belt to check the tightness of the belt, check the sand making machine for any residual materials or other waste. During operation of the sand making machine, abnormal sound or other abnormal situation occurs in the sand making machine, it is necessary to shut down the machine in time and shut down the equipment. After the sand making machine is closed, timely discharge the remaining materials which are not excluded and conduct routine testing on the sand making machine.

sand making machine

Timely replacement of sand making machine wearing parts

With the gradual improvement and development of the country's basic building facilities, the demand for construction sand is exacerbated. Many sand production enterprises demand large, in the sand production line, sand making machine in a state of high-speed operation for a long time, and users often overlook the maintenance and maintenance of the sand making machine sand machine long-term high-load operation State, after a period of operation, sand making machine is prone to failure, not only seriously affect the progress of work, will also incur incalculable losses. In order to ensure the normal operation of the sand making machine and prolong the service life of the sand making machine, the inspection and maintenance personnel should regularly open the observation door of the sand making machine and inspect the wearing parts of the equipment such as the hammer head, the liner plate and the strike plate. Replacement, should be promptly replaced, and set aside good spare parts, to facilitate timely replacement, reduce downtime.

Add lubricants in time

sand making machine

Sand making machine in the production process, lubricating oil is to ensure the normal operation of various parts, the key to normal production. Sand work every 24 hours, you need to add lubricant from the bearing seat to ensure good lubrication between the various components. In addition, sand production lines are mostly open-air operations, will inevitably have dust, dust, so every two months to clean the sand bearing replacement, to ensure the good functioning sand making machine.

Sand production line

Combining with the working principle of sand making machine, it can be known that the sand making machine is a device for making sand which is crushed to a reasonable degree of fineness by the crusher. Therefore, during the sand making process, the particle size of the material entering the sand making machine should conform to the system Sand machine maximum size of the feed particles, while not mixing more hard texture debris, otherwise it will cause the impeller of sand making machine imbalance and excessive wear impeller, base to block the impeller channel and the center of the feed tube, resulting in sand Machine can not work properly, so found that large pieces of material should be promptly ruled out.