SBM Sand is the best alternative to building sand for river sand

Sand is the best alternative to building sand for river sand

In the context of the near-depletion of natural resources and the over-exploitation of sand and gravel resulting in serious damage to the river's ecological environment, construction sand faces a huge market gap, and it has been placed in high hopes for machine-made sand, and it has been used in construction sand and concrete grading. Good advantage, and is considered by the industry to be the best sand product to replace river sand.

What is the mechanism of sand? What is the raw material for making sand? Does it meet the national construction sand standards? Here SBM Machinery will answer questions for everyone.

The so-called machined sand, that is, the material after the removal of soil treatment, by the special machinery for crushing, sieving, resulting in the rock particles (particle size is generally below 4.75mm), which is commonly used machine-made sand.

The making of machined sand is an integrated generation process. Its raw materials are used abundantly, which can be seen everywhere in stone, but it can also be the common construction waste in people's lives, or the tailings of mines abandoned by people. These are valuable raw materials that can be developed into machine-made sand. .

Regarding whether or not the machined sand conforms to the national building sand standard, it depends entirely on the sand making machine. The artificial sand produced by SBM mechanical sand making machine has excellent grain shape and adjustable fineness modulus. It is the ideal raw material for gradation of concrete and gravel. At present, machine-made sand has been widely used in railway, highway, construction, and hydropower port construction and other fields. For details, please refer to: Machine sand is implemented in accordance with the national building sand standard.

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In summary, machine-made sand is indeed the best substitute for construction sand for river sand, and the best equipment for producing artificial sand is recommended by SBM Machinery. VC sand making machine is a high-end, high-efficiency sand making equipment. It also means that SBM has formed a large-scale and standardized production base in the field of R&D and manufacturing of machine-made sand equipment. Based on different sources and markets, SBM Machinery will provide you with professional equipment selection facilities based on scientific research and research, and provide a series of customized services for the production line's mine site, production scale, and process flow. .