SBM Sand making machine history and today

Sand machine equipment development to have a long history today, then we need to make our sand making machine that what kind of explanation that requires us to understand the history of our sand making machine, the following we KeFan on Henan Take everyone to see, I hope we can understand more clearly the history of sand making machine:

Before we see the construction, engineering sand mostly washed in the rivers and lakes in the waters of the natural formation of river sand, sea sand or mountain sand, sand collection of low cost, wide distribution, therefore, have a long history of the use of dishes. However, due to the unmanageable collection for many years, it has damaged the plant cow environment and damaged resources and water and soil loss, which has brought great losses to the life of the country and its people. With the strengthening of people's awareness of environmental protection and the traumatic lessons they have endured in recent years, people have realized that the protection of the living environment has been a pressing issue and the indiscriminate exploitation of river sand is under control. Usually, the natural sand, gravel mostly circular, the surface area is small, and mechanical stone with angular, larger surface area. In addition, most of the usual chemical properties of sand acidic, mixing cement and asphalt, can not be well combined to reduce the quality of cement, asphalt, the most performance, restricted the use of natural sand.

Sand making machine history and today

These are some of the past developments of our sand making machine. So far our development of sand making machines is still quite good, so we hope everyone can do a good job in this aspect and make our sand making machinery better. The main products manufactured by KeFan are also: VSI new sand making machine, the third generation sand making machine, PCL impact sand making machine, fine crusher, sand blasting machine, jaw crusher, sand washing machine, belt conveyor , Round vibrating screen, vibrating feeder, sand production line and other heavy sand making equipment.