SBM Sand making machine work good or not good water?

Sand making equipment is gravel factory, stone factory production of high quality sand machine core equipment, then the equipment in the work of adding water is good, or not good? Different processes of sand production line requires the use of different types of sand making machine. With the environmental protection requirements getting higher and higher, sand making machine water can reduce dust pollution, finished sand less dust more in line with the requirements of higher buildings. However, not all environmentally-friendly sand production line processes require water, and some dry-process sand processes adopt environmentally-friendly sand preparation by using a separator or a dust collector. Wet process sand production line needs water, sand machine equipment processed sand need to be washed by wheeled sand washing machine, wet sand machine production line from the appearance of rounded to the sand, and reduce the soil content. Wet sand for water areas, from the water near the place. Wet sand can be set up sedimentation tanks to achieve recycling of water resources, but also can join the sand recovery machine to collect sand in the waste water, sand powder. Suitable for wet sand machine technology equipment: 5X sand making machine, VSI sand making machine, rod mill sand making machine, CNC sand machine and so on.

vsi sand making machine

In some areas there is a lack of water, or if the process requirement is dry sand, the sand making equipment is not water-free. Dry sand process work does not require water to remove the artificial sand inside the mud, but through the use of sand making machine to remove dust inside the sand, reducing the content of artificial sand inside the mud, resulting in better Sand, sand quality and quality assurance. Dry sand process using the separator mode, to achieve sand powder separation, the final selection of good quality construction sand, dust will be collected as a by-product. Dry sand process is suitable for far away from the water area, like the northern arid areas. Dry sand investment is higher than the wet sand, and the process is more complicated. Suitable sand dry sand machine equipment 5X sand making machine, VSI sand making machine, impact sand making machine, CNC sand machine and so on. These sand making machine equipment does not require water during the work process can also be processed into high-quality sand products.

In summary, sand making machine work good water, or not good water to be based on actual needs and technology to be set. We SBM provide a variety of dry, wet sand machine production line technology and equipment, according to user raw materials, production, use, local geographical and environmental conditions, to the user according to local conditions, due to the need to design and manufacture of sand technology.