SBM Sand production line process

Sand production line process

In recent years, with the expansion of cities and the acceleration of the pace of new rural construction, the demand for sand aggregate has increased. However, the exploitation of natural sand is limited due to factors such as ecology and environmental protection, and the supply of sand aggregate is in short supply. This leaves a huge market space for machine-made sand. The sand production system needs to be equipped with a sand making machine. SBM Heavy Industry Xiaobian will take you through the process flow of the sand production line.

Sand production line process

  • Sand Making Step 1: Feeding
  • All kinds of stone after blasting from a mine need to be sent to the sand production line via a dump truck, and then the stone is sent to a vibrating feeder for uniform feeding.

  • Sand making step 2: one broken - coarse broken
  • The vibrating feeder sends the large stones evenly to the jaw crusher. The jaw crusher crushes the stones to a medium-sized size through a reciprocating motion of the jaws. The crusher breaks the first level, which is what we usually say. Crudely broken.

  • Sand making step 3: secondary crushing
  • The stone from the jaw crusher is then transported through a belt conveyor to a cone crusher or impact crusher for secondary crushing, ie, crushing.

  • Sand making step 4: sand screening
  • The finely crushed material is sent to a sand making machine for crushing and sanding by a belt conveyor. The crushing material is then sieved through a vibrating sieve to separate finished products of different specifications and sizes.

    sand making machine
  • Sand making step 5: sand washing
  • Some sand production lines may need to be equipped with sand washer after crushing and screening. This can be selected according to customers' different needs.

The above is the approximate process flow for sand making production line organized by SBM for you. The sand making machine is also the company's flagship product and hopes to help you. In addition, SBM Xiaobian reminds you that each sand production line will have different conditions. It is necessary to configure a reasonable sand production line according to the actual situation.