The world's state power construction waste crusher and renewable use of industrial development

The world's state power construction waste crusher and renewable use of industrial development

As China's construction, roads, railways, bridges and other infrastructure and urbanization accelerate, urban renewal and the rapid development of construction industry, some old buildings, structures, urban infrastructure demolition of service life due, will produce more The more construction waste. At present, the vast majority of construction waste without any treatment, transported by the construction waste crusher to the countryside, open storage or landfill. Large quantities of construction wastes, many kinds of components, complex nature, improper disposal will reduce soil quality, to human beings living environment impact. After practice, the construction of garbage crusher and reuse, is an effective way to protect the environment and save resources.

With the promotion of recycling of construction waste, more and more enterprises are now turning their attention to the recycling of construction waste. Some far-sighted enterprises have already set up solid waste recycling production lines and some companies are also joining the industry. At present, some enterprises have developed a closed modular modular construction waste recycling system for aggregate recycling, exploration and solve the three major technical bottlenecks of purification technology, large-scale technology, environmental protection technology of building waste resources, building rubbish crusher capacity of 1 million Ton. This development is also in the recycling industry for everyone once again reminded that technology determines the development of industries. While other companies are vigorously studying more advanced technology to solve the recycling of construction waste. While all science and technology are being developed and innovated, our country has introduced some policies to help the research and development of these enterprises.

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In order to promote the rapid development of comprehensive utilization of construction waste, the "Opinions on Further Improving the Comprehensive Utilization of Construction Waste" was formulated. Advocate all kinds of facilities, projects to ensure project quality and related requirements under the premise of giving priority to the comprehensive utilization of construction waste products, increase the promotion efforts. Countries are also strongly supporting the use of solid waste, such as the Twelfth National Commodity Conversation "transformation and upgrading" exchange conference, but also the most important topics on this topic. Whether domestic or foreign, are in action. In the face of such a form, Shibang Industrial Technology Co., Ltd. made a huge technological breakthrough, research and development and production to promote the mobile crushing station. Construction rubbish crushing station is not a kind of crushing equipment that deals with construction rubbish alone. One of the highlights is that construction rubbish is transformed into a recycling of resources. The wastes in the construction waste crusher are sorted, removed or crushed. The crushed aggregates can be used to produce various hollow blocks, and the resulting fines can be used for foundation construction of expressways and ordinary roads, making them become Re-use of secondary resources, the real turning waste into treasure, the resources thoroughly recycled. One of the WorldCom commune designed mobile crusher has the characteristics of high efficiency and low cost, has been widely used in China's construction industry, but also believe that its development prospects will be more and more broad.

The construction and promotion of mobile crushers for construction waste crushers mark a new page in the recycling of construction waste. The mobile crushers of the state-owned company also made due contributions to the development of the construction rubbish. Crusher recycling industry to flourish added a force!