SBM What are the supporting equipment for the cobblestone sand production line?

People in the machine-made sand industry are no strangers to pebbles. Cobblestone is a product of mining yellow sand. It is named after a goose egg. Cobblestone is a kind of natural mineral resources, and it is one of the indispensable aggregate materials for construction and infrastructure construction. Its sandstone is widely used. At present, the amount of sand produced by China's cobblestones is continuously increasing. The exploitation of sand and gravel gradually shifts towards scale, yield, and development of environmental protection. Coupled with the government's restrictions on the extraction of natural sand and gravel in recent years, the mining of machine-made sand becomes increasingly important. What are the supporting equipment for the cobblestone sand production line? What are the performance characteristics of these devices? How to choose a cost-effective pebble sand making machine? These are the issues that the customer is most concerned about. Below we simply understand the next.

Pebble sand production line supporting equipment

  • 1. Jaw crusher
  • In the crushing operation, the jaw crusher is the most widely used in the crushing operation. The performance characteristics of the equipment in production include:

    (1) The crushing cavity of the equipment is relatively deep, which can completely crush the materials in the crushing cavity, so that the crushing efficiency of the equipment is improved, and the unit production capacity is increased.

    (2) The user can adjust the discharge port of the equipment within the range of 10-400mm to meet the user's demand for material crushing in production.

    (3) After the broken cobblestones are complete and uniform, the needle-like content is extremely low, which improves the efficiency of the equipment and reduces the environmental pollution caused by dust during production.

    sand making machine
  • 2, sand making machine
  • The sand making machine can effectively crush and shape the cobblestones. In the production and processing of the materials, the outstanding advantages exhibited by the equipment are as follows:

    (1) The design of the equipment is relatively reasonable, compact in structure, small in size and light in weight, which facilitates the installation and operation of the equipment by the user and reduces the area occupied by the equipment.

    (2) The air flow inside the vortex chamber can be automatically circulated with low noise, and the stone is formed in the operation to form a protective bottom layer. The body is free from wear and prolongs the service life of the equipment.

    (3) For the wearing parts of the equipment, use a special hard material, wear of the wearing parts in the operation is small, so that the equipment is more durable.

  • 3, vibration feeder
  • The vibratory feeder is also called vibratory feeder. It can feed the material receiving device continuously, evenly and regularly, avoiding the problem of clogging of the feed inlet during production. The equipment is reliable in operation, there is no punching phenomenon, and the noise is low. Such characteristics, in the beneficiation, building materials, chemical industry and other industries have a greater purpose.

  • 4, shaker
  • The vibrating screen is mainly operated by the reciprocating rotary vibration generated by vibrator vibration. It can effectively screen the pebbles with different size and specifications after crushing, improve the efficiency of the equipment in production, and the equipment has high efficiency and light weight. Many levels and other characteristics.

  • 5, sand washing machine
  • Sand washing machine is an important equipment for washing sand and gravel. It can effectively remove impurities covering the surface of sand and gravel, thus satisfying the user's demand for production of materials. The equipment is large in gravel plants, traffic and concrete mixing stations, etc. The use of value.

  • 6, belt conveyor
  • Belt conveyor can not only connect multiple equipments, but also transport materials. It has the advantages of long distance and large amount of transportation. It plays a very important role in the production line. The belt conveyor can work alone and at the same time. Multiple machines can work together.