SBM Vsi Sand Making Machine

The use of new VSI sand making equipment, fine crushed silicate manganese slag can improve the jig selection of manganese-manganese alloy slag recovery. There is no direct relationship between these two devices because one is the sand making machine and the other one is the jig and there is no correlation between them and how the VSI sand making machine may increase the recycling of the jig Rate it?

In actual fact, although the VSI sand making system can not directly affect the recovery rate of the jig, the proportion of the pulverized ore in the VSI crushing material will affect the recovery rate of the jig. The company is located in:

VSI sand making machine is widely used in the crushing process in the mining area of ​​the mining industry. The materials in the building materials, metallurgy, chemical industry, mining, refractory materials, cement and abrasive materials are crushed. VSI Sand Crusher maximum moisture content of 20% or less, the general dressing out of the tailings silicon manganese slag can be directly into the machine broken. The sand making machine output material fineness adjustable uniform, can be controlled in the 0-8mm range, good particle size. VSI sand making machine discharge size and ore properties and feed size, ore fragile, the smaller the feed size, the higher the pass rate of the product size. And the VSI sand making machine is still a crushing material to produce a powder crusher less crushing machine, and silicate manganese slag belongs to fragile slag, the use of VSI sand making machine crushed silicon manganese slag can greatly reduce the powder crushing material Therefore, the use of VSI sand making machine can improve the recovery rate of jigged pyrite.

vsi sand making machine

Silicon manganese slag brittle and fragile, through the VSI sand making machine can be chunks of manganese and manganese slag crushed into small pieces, and then into the crusher to crush the coarse crushed material to ensure that the material into the silo can reach the monomer solution The degree of separation, and then through the vibrating feeder and belt conveyor uniform material into the trapezoidal jig sorting. VSI sand making equipment is the most widely used crushing equipment for silicon manganese slag re-election process.

The crushing equipment commonly used in the mineral processing industry is the jaw crusher, hammer crusher, original broken, etc. The crushing methods of these crushers cause the powdery powder produced by the crushing material to have a higher powder ratio, so the weight of the crushing process will be affected Equipment recovery rate, the use of VSI sand making machine can be broken into pieces in one step, reducing the input of broken equipment, greatly reduce the input of broken parts of silicon manganese slag, improve the crushing efficiency. VSI sand making machine broken out of silicon manganese slag sand, the particle size is good, is very conducive to improve the re-election recovery rate, so the professional jig manufacturers suggest that you use the jig when dressing should be considered broken Equipment selection, VSI sand making machine is a good choice.

For the fine crushing of these brittle brittle materials such as silico-manganese slag, barite, fluorite, celestite and pyrite, the use of VSI sand making machine can effectively reduce the content of powdery ore and enhance ore beneficiation index in the re-selection process Significance.