SBM Which sand making machine is better?

Sand making machine, a class of main machinery and equipment necessary for the production of gravel aggregate, according to the sand making machine and handling capacity of the different, can be divided into many types, then the problem of production of gravel with what kind of sand Chance better? Detailed answer is as follows:

First, the common building sand aggregate sand equipment listed

  • 1, direct impact sand making machine
  • This kind of sand and gravel sand making machine is a kind of more widely used models, its expected output value up to 60-520t / h, according to the nature of the material or broken different requirements, in this selection of different principles of sand Processing ("stone" or "stone blacksmith"), are used for a variety of soft or medium and hard materials crushing, plastic surgery operations.

  • 2, efficient vertical shaft impact sand making machine
  • Efficient vertical shaft impact sand making machine refers to the upgraded version of VSI sand making machine and direct impact sand making machine, which is a combination of two kinds of stone principle of "stone stone" and "stone blacksmith" Sand machine sand higher efficiency, grain shape, grading reasonable, can replace natural sand for the current harsh demand for construction sand.

  • 3, mobile sand making machine
  • Mobile sand making machine, a set of crushing, sand making, screening, conveying, feeding and other multi-functional high-end sand and gravel processing machinery. Such aggregate sand making equipment not only has strong movability, which can dispel users' troubles in the construction environment and the site, but also can directly reach the crushing site and move the crushing operation along with the material mining face to save time and labor At the same time, but also to bring greater economic benefits for the enterprise, so the prestige in the current sand industry.

Second, the production of sand and aggregate with what kind of sand making machine better?


Say what kind of sand making machine is better? From the scope of application, mobile sand making machine in addition to meet the needs of a single sand, but also can be used for other forms of crushing treatment, in addition, the machine configuration flexible group, customers can process for the type of material, Product requirements, to provide a more flexible process configuration, so compared to the fixed sand machine equipment, its use in the area will be more unfettered; from the ease of operation, the mobile sand making machine can be directly selected venues, direct Open to the scene, without transport, directly to the finished product particle size, high degree of automation can be; and fixed sand making machine for short-distance sand making line, if used for long-line sand making operations, you need to cooperate with other sand making equipment , And then will increase some tedious processes, so compared to the fixed sand, mobile sand making the entire operation process is relatively simple; from the equipment price, compared to the fixed sand making machine, mobile sand making machine after all Is a high-end machine, and the existing market, the manufacturer of the device manufacturers are not too many, so the price positioning, it is certainly more expensive, so it is not the market Manufacturers have the ability to support the business, from the standpoint of price positioning, fixed Sand is quite appropriate public.

In a word, which sand making aggregate is better? Need to be based on the actual needs of the user to set the operation, after all, only suitable for their own is better. The above three kinds of aggregate sand Henan has production, and the available stock can be selected for consultation, if necessary, please feel free to online consultation Shanghai SBM, there is a professional sand equipment sales manager online in real time for you to answer in detail.