Impact Crusher


【Feed size】: ≤ 800mm

【Production capacity】: 30-800t / h

【Application】: for mining, railways, energy, cement, chemicals, construction and other industries crushing process.

【Products】: This series of counter-crushing machine can handle the following length of 100 ~ 500 mm material, the compressive strength of up to 350 MPa, with crushing ratio, broken material cube particles, etc., for crushing Hard material.

The impact crusher is suitable for handling coarse, medium and fine materials (granite, limestone, concrete, etc.) with a side length of not more than 500mm and a compressive strength of not more than 350 MPa. It is widely used in hydropower, expressway, artificial gravel And gravel, stone production, broken and other industries.

The impact crusher is the ideal processing equipment for high-grade road surface and hydropower construction aggregate. It is widely used in the fields of expressway construction, water conservancy engineering and construction and gravel processing with its excellent performance and good performance.

It is characterized by its small size, simple structure, large crushing ratio, low energy consumption, large production capacity, uniform product size and selective pulverizing effect. It is a kind of new and efficient gravel equipment. The development of the future equipment.

Working principle of impact crusher:

Anti-crusher work, driven by the motor, the rotor high-speed rotation, the material into the plate hammer area, and the rotor on the plate hammer crashed, and then was thrown back to the counter device again broken, and then from the counter-lining The board back to the plate hammer area to re-broken, the process repeated, the material from large to small into one, two, three, counterattack cavity repeated broken until the material is broken to the required size, discharged from the discharge port. Adjust the gap between the counter and the rotor can be achieved to change the material size and material shape of the purpose.

Impact crusher performance characteristics:

  • 1. Counter break broken feed mouth, broken cavity high, high hardness to adapt to the material, large block, less stone products;
  • 2. Counterattack in the counterattack plate and plate hammer gap can be easily adjusted to effectively control the material size, particle shape is good;
  • 3. Compact structure, seamless connection, machine rigidity, the rotor has a large moment of inertia;
  • 4. counterattack broken high chromium plate hammer, impact resistance, wear resistance, impact force;
  • 5. No key connection, easy maintenance, economical and reliable;
  • 6. Crushing full, high productivity, energy saving, mechanical wear small, high overall efficiency.
  • PF series of impact crushers are: PF1010, PF1210, PF1214, PF1315, PF1320 and so on.


Application of High Efficiency Impact Crusher

High efficiency impact crusher is mainly used for coarse crushing and the second paragraph of crushing operations. Can be used for crushing open-pit mine rock, mining ore, coal, limestone, clay, iron ore, gold ore, copper ore, lead-zinc mine, nickel ore, talc, coke and other rock materials.

  • 1. Metal mine: high efficiency impact crusher in uranium, gold and gold-bearing bauxite ore, nickel ore, copper, lead-zinc mine and other metal mines have a large number of applications.
  • 2. Coal mine: coal mine is the largest user, accounting for about 50% of the total, mainly concentrated in the construction of large coal mines in China.
  • 3. Stone: crushed stone industry is more suitable for the use of machinery, especially mobile crusher is more suitable for stone mining, in the United Kingdom, Australia are used high-impact crusher.
  • 4. The cement industry: the use of crushers in cement plants is common.
  • 5. Non-metallic ore: high-efficiency impact crusher on the heavy calcium carbonate, clay, gypsum ore and other materials is more suitable for crushing, it does not exist to plug the feed and discharge port problems.
  • 6. Municipal engineering: efficient impact crusher can also be used to process the city's waste and garbage and a variety of broken materials such as glass, old tires and so on.


In addition to a large number of high-quality impact crusher used in the processing of mineral raw materials, can also be used to process urban waste, garbage, waste glass, tires and other broken materials. With the development of human production and life, the types of materials that need to be broken are becoming more and more complicated, and the type of efficient crusher is bound to make new development in the new crushing field.


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