Where there are calcium carbonate vertical grinding

Calcium carbonate vertical roller mill is a key equipment in the grinding operation, which is also an indispensable grinding process in the ore dressing line. The dust generation is also a very big problem in its operation. The dust of the calcium carbonate vertical roller mill not only gives The natural environment causes serious harm, meanwhile it harms the health of operating workers and has many harmful effects. Shi Bang Industrial Technology Group is a professional manufacturer of calcium carbonate vertical roller mill, continuous innovation, solve the problem of calcium carbonate vertical roller mill production, improve the equipment defects, the pursuit of perfection, for dust-proof work of calcium carbonate vertical roller mill, the state industrial technology Technical staff of the Group's technology department gives a solution.

It is understood that the traditional vertical roller mill equipment, are equipped with a dust removal device, the dust removal effect can only reach about 60%, environmental protection point of view, this dust removal effect does not allow enterprises to satisfaction.


With the gradual enhancement of people's environmental awareness, the dust removal effect has drawn more and more attention from enterprises. Therefore, it is imperative to improve the dust removal efficiency of the calcium carbonate Vertical Roller Mill and equip the secondary calcium carbonate mill with secondary dust removal. Choose which form of dust collector effect will be better? After many research experiments, the state industrial and Technological Group decided to use the cyclone as a dust removal device, the use of water as a secondary dust removal device. This measure has been used, the immediate effect, the dust removal effect of calcium carbonate vertical roller mill equipment from the traditional 60% to 94%.

After using two levels of calcium carbonate vertical roller mill dust removal, continue to recover a large amount of dust material, improve the working environment of the equipment, but also reduce the work of handling dust. However, when using two-stage calcium carbonate vertical roller mill dust removal, there are some precautions need your attention.

First, the group cyclone ash flashing the lower part of the valve should do a good job of sealing work to ensure that no air leakage occurred, otherwise, it has a great effect on the efficiency of dust removal. Second, we should adopt a group of cyclone dust insulation measures to avoid condensation inside the precipitator to affect the dust removal equipment. For calcium carbonate vertical roller mill equipped with two dust removal equipment is not only to solve the equipment operating environment, but also to improve production efficiency and business a better tomorrow, after all, in today's current environmental protection, production and environmental protection companies do a good job is hard to long-term Go on