jaw crusher for basalt production line

basalt crushing and grinding

There are many kinds of basalts and the hardness of each kind is different from others, so there are numerous kinds of basalt production equipments. In the dressing process of basalt, the choosing of appropriate basalt crushing equipment is decided by the basalt hardness.

Crushing is the first stage in the comminution process. This is usually a dry operation, which involves breaking down the ore by compressing it against rigid surfaces or by impacting it against hard surfaces in a controlled motion flow.

This process step prepares the ore for further size reduction (grinding) or for feeding directly to the classification and/or concentration separation stages. Tailings are usually not generated in this process step.

Grinding is the final stage in the comminution process and requires the most energy of all the mineral processing stages. Because of this, the tendency is to first blast (in the mine) or crush the ore as fine as possible to reduce the amount of larger materials sent to grinding, thereby reducing the overall energy consumption in grinding and, hence, comminution. If possible, grinding is performed wet as this requires less energy, allowing energy savings of up to 30% compared to dry grinding. In grinding, the particles are usually reduced by a combination of impact and abrasion of the ore by the free motion of grinding bodies such as steel rods, balls or pebbles in the mill.

SBM jaw crusher for basalt crushing

SBM's Basalt Jaw Crusher series are based on years' experience and technology development.The continuous improvement and refinement have made them the preferred jaw crusher for professionals and our customers.They can meet most crushing requirements in primary and secondary crushing,and the largest compression resistance of the material is 320MPa.This series are widely used in stone mining,metallurgical,construction,smelting,hydraulic and chemical industries,etc. SBM jaw crusher has the following advantages: high crushing ratio, even product granularity, simple structure and wide ranges of choice.


Jaw crusher operating safety precautions

Never attempt to work on quarry equipment while it is in operation. Always stop the machinery, lockout power and tag controls under the following circumstance:

  • Before performing any lubrication, maintenance, adjustments or repairs.
  • Before removing spilled materials.
  • Before clearing jams or working inside the machinery.
  • If any unusual noises or sudden changes in operation are noticed.