Large vertical roller mill equipment works in detail

Large vertical roller mill in the production line processing of materials used in the material layer of flour milling principle, mainly used to produce the market demand for materials! When the material is crushed into the air inlet circulation fan into the screening machine, the process is To ensure the production of high-quality ultrafine powder key.

So how does a large vertical roller mill work?

Large pieces of material by a large Vertical Roller Mill crushing to the desired particle size, the hoist will be sent to the material storage hopper, and then through the electromagnetic vibrating feeder will be uniform and quantitative material into the host grinding chamber for grinding. After grinding the material is fan air into the separator within the classification, under the action of the separator impeller, the material does not meet the fineness requirements into the grinding chamber to re-mill, meet the fineness requirements of the material with the air flow through Pipeline into the cyclone powder collector, separation and collection, the discharge device is the finished product powder. After the separation of the air through the cyclone dust collector top return duct into the fan. The system is a closed-loop system, and run in positive and negative pressure conditions.

As the mill is grinding the material containing a certain amount of moisture, the heat generated during grinding will cause the chamber gas evaporation expansion and change the system of gas flow, coupled with the inlet and the pipe at the junction of the sealing problems, the outside world Air into the system makes the air flow out of balance, through the exhaust valve set at the fan outlet of the excess gas into the bag filter, and purify the discharge, while adjusting the system airflow balance while achieving environmental protection produce.


Moreover, SBM large vertical roller mill equipment can be based on customer demand, by adjusting the height of the hegemony, and then adjust the thickness of the grinder. In addition there are many features waiting for you to discover.